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We are the company Rundumheim GmbH with the registered trademark Ecowelle and we are a trading company with a focus on infrared heaters in our own production. The company was founded in Goch on July 31, 2019 and has grown steadily since then. We offer our customers a variety of high-quality infrared heaters.

Made in Germany own production

Ecowelle has already delivered well over 50,000 electric heaters to satisfied customers. Customers benefit from our experience in manufacturing high-quality wall heating panels. In our production facility in Goch, the heating elements are printed using the Greenguard-certified process. Four high-performance Cannon flatbed printers are available for printing. Thanks to the new ECO-TEC technology, our heaters are extremely energy-efficient and inexpensive to purchase and operate. Ecowelle's products are preferred both in the high-quality professional sector and directly by private customers. High quality that has proven itself in small projects, such as use as additional heating, through to large-scale projects with entire office, residential buildings and hotels.

Bildheizungen - Ecowelle

image heaters

Glasbildheizungen - Ecowelle

glass picture heaters

Infrarotheizungen - Ecowelle

infrared heaters

Thermostate - Ecowelle


This is how the order works

- We receive your order

- Your order will be processed electronically

- Your order will be produced by hand

- A safety and quality control is carried out when you place your order

- Your order is being shipped

In total, we need about 10 to 15 working days until you receive your package.


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